7 Ways to Make Sex More Stimulating

In long relationships, sex can sometimes seem like an obligation instead of a fun bonding experience. Many couples long to regain the excitement they had in the beginning of their relationship. It’s easy to make sex seem new and thrilling again with a few creative ideas.

1. Keep looking your best

It’s no surprise that when couples have been together for a long time, they can get a little lax on personal hygiene. Since there’s no need to impress anyone, women might skip shaving, not bother putting makeup on, and wear sweatpants all day. Being able to relax in front of your significant other is a great thing, but to add a little spice back in your relationship, get dressed up every once in a while. Don’t slack on grooming; even if your man says he doesn’t care, he’ll appreciate smooth, shaved legs and a little makeup.

2. Foreplay

Foreplay is the physical stuff before sex, like kissing and cuddling. Spending more time on foreplay instead of rushing into intercourse can make sex a lot better, especially for the woman. More time to get aroused means the vagina will be wetter, making things go more smoothly for both partners. You’ll also have more built-up excitement, which will make the climax even better.

3. Use the right products

Any store specializing in sexuality will carry condoms and lubes of all varieties. Using a warming, tingling, or cooling lube can add new sensations to regular sex. Combine this with one of the many kinds of ribbed or twisted condoms, and you’ll be surprised how different sex can feel.

4. Dress up

Lingerie can add a thrilling factor to sex. It may not stay on for very long, but taking it off can be a sensual experience for you and your partner. When you’re wearing lingerie you won’t just look more appealing; you’ll feel like it too. A confidence boost before sex is great because it enhances your performance and gives you the courage to try new things.

5. New positions

The number of positions you can have sex in is limited only by your flexibility. A new position can make sex feel completely different, in a good way. Come up with your own ideas or buy a book with suggestions. Introducing new sex positions is a trick many women use to enhance intimacy.

6. My Secret Ceres

Secret Ceres is an organic product that uses natural ingredients, including pomegranate, kaolin, and dripstones to promote good vaginal health. It cleanses and tightens the vagina, improves the consistency and aroma of secretions, and keeps the vagina in overall good condition. It’s easy to see how this could make sex more stimulating. Secret Ceres is fast and easy to use, so give it a try.

7. The sensory effect

Making your vagina smell and taste better can have a positive impact on sex as well. There are flavored oils made to be used on the vagina, so applying one of these to the area is usually safe and adds more flavor to your sex life, literally. Of course, some vagina’s are more sensitive than others, so only use a little bit at first to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

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