Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Solar Energy

Solar energy is renewable and changing to it is the best decision that a person can make. Switching on to solar power is not only going to be beneficial to the environment but also to the individual as it helps a person cut his electricity bills. All this might make a person excited to switch over to solar power but before buying and installing solar panels it is essential for a person to consider a few factors to decide if those panels are going to be useful to him or not? Every technology has its own pros and cons and it is important for the individual to weigh them both and solar energy is no exception.

Here is a quick review of advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy.

Advantages of solar energy:

The best renewable source of energy is the sun light and even all other non renewable energy sources are used up, the sun is still available to us and it will continue to shower its rays irrespective of other factors. This is main reason which makes changing to solar power a wise decision to make.

The green house gases have made a terrible mess of our environment and this is consistently on the rise too. So it is important for everyone to switch to solar energy mainly to protect our environment from global warming. Also a person gets to save a lot of money by making use of these panels.

The economic recession has had a great impact on everyone and everyone is looking for ways to save money. So, solar power systems are the right choice for anyone and everyone who is looking forward to save a lot of money every month.

Disadvantages of solar energy:

There are no big disadvantages of these solar power systems but there are a number of constraints which have to be considered. Not everywhere one gets to see the sun most of the day and a few places on earth or mostly cloudy. Even places where sun shines most of the time can still get cloudy and this drops the efficiency of the power produced.

The major drawback of any solar power system is that it costs relatively more to install a power panel and people have to dig their pockets to get all the money, but overall in a period of time, you are going to save more than what you spent.

With an overall view on both the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy systems one can understand that changing to solar energy is the right decision to make.

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