Alternative Medicine For Bed Wetting

The prospect of bedwetting can be such a source of taunting and comic relief among families, particularly for those with children past the toddler stage who still can’t seem to get over the habit of wetting their undies and bed sheets the morning after. The condition referred to as Nocturnal Enuresis is usually outgrown by most children as they advance with age-once their bladders are fully developed or as soon as the routine hormone cycle managing kidney-urine functions at night is properly initiated into the system.

If the ability to stay dry during bedtime does not come about until the ceiling age of 10 years old, a proper diagnosis of the underlying causes becomes the springboard to treatment. Treatment options come in the form of bed wetting alarms, prescription medicine and homeopathic remedies that serve as an alternative medicine to bed wetting.

Bed wetting alarms, proper motivation and parent supervision can work cohesively if the underlying causes of enuresis concern genetics and other common developmental issues. Nonetheless for hormonal and psychological triggers, more intensive treatments are required. Physicians would most likely prescribe Demopressin- a synthetic substance that imitates the action of the anti-diuretic hormone by reducing the volume of urine produced by the kidneys at night to thus prevent bed wetting. In case the nature of bed wetting emanates from nervous system disorders and esteem problems, Tricyclic medicines are usually administered. Nonetheless, if parents are worried over the health risks imminent in the spray or intake of anti-diuretic drugs and antidepressants, they can always choose to sample safer and milder treatments in the form of homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements.

A tea infusion concocted from equal parts of St. John’s Wort, Lemon Balm and Cornsilk serves as an instant home remedy for bed wetting in children. Meanwhile, medicinal extracts of the herb Equisetum is popularly used in traditional Chinese medicine as homeopathic treatment for bed wetting. Equisetum (6cH) is purported to naturally ease the bladders, restore healthy functioning and relieve nocturnal enuresis within a span of few weeks while relieving anxious behaviors in children on the sidelines.

In the last few years, standardized herbal supplements have been developed by clinical psychologists to provide parents an alternative medicine for nocturnal enuresis. Using proven natural and homeopathic ingredients like the Equisetum in its formula, while adapting pharmaceutical methods and standards in its manufacture, herbal supplement products for bed wetting such as Be-Dry will help reinforce bladder functions in toddlers and school age children while easing nervous behaviors in order to encourage the body’s natural ability to keep dry at night and consequently cure episodes of enuresis.

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