Atlantica Mercenary Recruitment

Hiring new and more powerful mercenaries that fit will with your current formation and skill sets is an ongoing process. Different formation do well against others in PvP and PvE. Some are better than others and most people will use a hybrid build formation that is good ad PvP and PvE, most of these people will use this because the their limited ability to use the cash shop to purchase mercenary room licenses.

Before you reach level 20 you are limited to purchasing basic mercenaries from a merc trainer, market, or a low level wandering mercenary. Higher level mercenaries can only be obtained by doing quests or finding a wandering mercenary of the type that you want to recruit assuming you have the space in your party.

If you spot one that you want make sure you have 100% will and go after him quickly! Some of the most popular mercenaries don’t walk around for long before getting recruited. I remember looking for an artilleryman mercenary for 4 hours. I found him multiple times via friends but when I teleported to them I had to wait for Will to regenerate and ending up losing them.

If you do manage to catch up to your desired mercenary you can double click him and send him a gift in gold. Gifts range from 20k to 100k gold or more before the mercenary is satisfied with his gift and then join you.

There are some mercenaries that you can find in the market. These types of mercenaries are quest mercs that people have obtained during a quest and decided not to use their services. They are sealed in orbs and must be right clicked to be used and deployed into your formation if you have the room. You can easily find them in the market by doing a search for them or looking under sealed orbs within the market menu.

The locations of the wandering mercenaries are random and can be found wandering the world on paths. Sometimes they will travel to towns and go inside them and hang around there for awhile. Some good tips on getting a popular mercenary is to be in a guild or have friends that are looking for them during their adventure. You can quickly teleport to them or auto move to them assuming you have the licenses to do so. With your will at 0% you will have to wait for it to regenerate and hope that nobody else has their eye on that same merc. ­čÖé

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