Bed Wetting Alarms – How to Stop Your Child From Bed Wetting Today

Many parents run into the difficulty of having a child that is a chronic bed wetter. Often it can be very frustrating. Most children that do this have no control. It is sometimes a psychological problem. One of the best solutions is to use a bed wetting alarm. However, you must you it in the right way. Here are a few tips on how to use a bed wetting alarm and not traumatize your child.

I remember my youngest son had a terrible time with bed wetting. He used to go to bed and wake up just a few hours later, crying that he had wet the bed. He did not mean too. He seemed genuinely upset. It was a horrible nightmare even for him. We had to find a solution.

Many of the techniques that I tried initially was making sure that he did not drink very much before bed. This would work fine until those hot summer days when he would be very thirsty, yet despite all of the heat, he was still unable to control his bladder at night.

One of the solutions that did help in this fight for urinary control was using a bed wetting alarm. Now this might not be for all mom’s that are trying to help their children, but in retrospect, I think that it did move him down the road to recovery and eventually aided in his victory over this problem. This is not a cure, but can yield good result if used properly.

What this device does is it is a moisture detection system. It is worn with the underwear and can even be used with pull-ups that I am use you may already be using. Great for training! Basically the alarm goes off when moisture is detected.

Many of them did not work right at first, but that had to do with the pull-ups. Underwear did not keep the moisture in a concentrated area and it would not sound the alarm fast enough.

That is it. It works for some kids, some not. It is an uncomfortable device, so just be aware that your child may not be its biggest fan. In the end, however, you will win the battle, and the bed wetting alarm is just another tool to help you get through this tough time as a parent and embarrassing time for the little ones.

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