Ben Wa Balls – How to Use Ben Wa Balls (And How They Tighten Your Vagina)

Many women wonder how they can improve their sex life. Their first inclination is to buy a new, more powerful sex toy with tons of features that guarantees dizzying orgasms. But if you have a hard time having orgasms in the first place, then these expensive toys won’t do you much good. Allow me to tell you how Ben Wa Balls can help take your sex life to the next level.

Ben Wa Balls – What they do

Ben Wa Balls are simply small, weighted, marble sized balls that are placed in the vagina. Once inside of the vagina, the vaginal muscles are used to hold them in place. These vaginal muscles will, as a result, become stronger. Just like any other muscle in the body, when you work it out it will become conditioned. You can use them anytime, anywhere. Some women use them when their doing the dishes, while others use them while they’re running, or even when they’re out shopping! But what does this mean for your sex life? A lot!

How Ben Wa Balls Can Help Improve Your Sex Life

If you use Ben Wa Balls frequently, they WILL tighten and strengthen your vaginal muscles. These muscles, when made stronger, will contract more powerfully to give you incredible orgasms. In fact, some women report having their FIRST orgasm as a result of strengthening their vaginal muscles. Moreover, you will develop more control over the muscles in your vagina. You can use them to manipulate your man’s penis, driving him absolutely wild each and every time you make love to him.

What else can I use to tighten my vagina?

You can also use „Smart Balls,“ which are similar to Ben Wa Balls, but are silicone and larger, and are connected with a piece of thick silicone. They often have a nylon strap, which allows for them to be easily removed. For this reason, Smart Balls are often preferable to Ben Wa Balls if you are inexperienced. Smart Balls also come in a variety of different colors and styles to suit anyone’s taste.

There are also various different Kegel exercisers on the market. These are the most expensive option, but they they will last a lifetime as they are often stainless steel. At first site, they may appear to look like a dildo, and they can be used as one, but you will notice that the circumference will increase quite substantially in at least one spot on the exerciser. This is so that you can contract your vaginal muscles around the exerciser, thus slowly but surely making them stronger.

These are the three most common products that you can purchase to tighten and strengthen your vagina. Whether you use all of them or just one of them is up to you. Women often find that one of the above will be more effective than the other two. One thing is for sure, if you exercise your vaginal muscles frequently, your sex life will become exponentially better.

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