Common Mistakes Which People Make While Creating a Clone of a Website

Cloning a website isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are tons of factors that must be considered for, while cloning a website. Most of the companies here are just to make the money, they just want to finish the project ASAP so that they can get the money and move on with the project. A common trend today is something like just create a clone for an existing website which is doing extremely well. For E.g YouTube, Facebook, MySpace etc. After YouTube was bought by Google a sudden storm hit the internet, hundreds of websites which were based on the similar patterns like YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace etc. The question is these clones really successful? What can we do to make them successful?

Avoiding common mistakes can help you make your website successful

1. Find a Development company who can help you with creative ideas on how you can be better than an existing website which you are looking to clone.

2. Invest time in research and heavy discussion with the development company as to how you can make a better product than the existing product.

3. Always have a scope of expansion and follow the standards for the programming.

4. Once you are out with your product in the market, have a clear vision of how you will pitch it to public. Don’t just look for a company to do the development for your website, but look for a company who will help you develop and market the website.

5. Have your marketing, promotion and development plan all in one place.

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