Flight in South Africa

Most people think it’s not easy to book a flight in South Africa. Well, the truth is, the South African flight industry is up to date with technology and you can book flights in South Africa online and even by telephone.

There are 5 flights in South Africa i.e.

· Mango

· 1Time

· South African Airways

· British Airways

· Kulula

From my calculations there are about 144 routes within the country. This is from a combination of „to and from“ all the airports in the country. These include the following airports;

· Johannesburg (JNB)

· Cape Town (CPT)

· Durban (DUR)

· Port Elizabeth (PLZ)

· George (GRJ)

· Bloemfontein (BFN)

· Kimberley (KIM)

· East London (ELS)

· Hoedspruit (HDS)

· Nelspruit (NLP)

Cape Town to Johannesburg

You can book Mango, which leaves Cape Town at 05:45 and takes about two hours to Johanneburg. There is also 1Time, which leaves Cape Town at 06:45 and gets to Johannesburg at 08:45.

The South African Airways lives at 06:00 and gets to OR Tambo at 08:00.This is one of the most expensive flights in South Africa together with British Airways. The latter lives Cape Town at 08:40 and takes two hours to get to Joburg.

Most of the Johannesburg is the centre of all the flights in South Africa. That is, most of the airlines fly via Johannesburg for most of the routes within the country. For example, the British Airways flies from Durban to Nelspruit via Johannesburg. In fact the British Airways is the one with most stops in Joburg. Most of the other flights offer a number of direct flights from city to city across South Africa.

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