How Do People Get Out of Prison If They’ve Been Given a Life Sentence?

Can a criminal who have been given a life sentence, a double life sentence, or even a triple life sentence has still a chance to get out of prison? What are the few instances that a criminal who is sentence to life can be out of steel bars? Perhaps, this is maybe the unanswered questions that hangs in your mind right now.

Criminal found guilty of the offense are punished by law. Punishment imposed on a convicted person has been categorized into minimum, medium and maximum period depending on what crime have been committed and the amount of damage incurred.

Even if the law of each country differs, every people who has sentence to life have still an opportunity to get out of jail. To give you an overview, let us go back to the history of the reformatory. The olden system of prison in many countries of the world allow prisoner that have been penalized for life to leave the jail, if found worthy once more to be a part of the society. There are many good ways that an individual serving in jail with his life can still repossess its liberty outside of iron bars. One of it is by showing good conduct while serving sentence inside the penal complex.

Every good conduct shown have an equivalent number of days that can reduce the original number of years of sentence. In reference to the law of the Philippines, a convicted individual who have serve a number of years in the confinement without violating any rules has given a good conduct allowance with an equivalent number of days that can be deducted to the original sentence.

There are also some cases that a criminal who bears a penalty of life imprisonment have been given a pardon by the president, a prime minister or even a king. If we talk about prisoners of the Philippines, a convicted person after reaching the age of 70 in prison facility can apply for pardon to the president through the Board of Parole and Probation even if his sentence is life imprisonment. These are just a few of the many instances that the prisoner with life sentence can get out in the penitentiary cell.

We have to remember that the real purpose of putting a felon in jail is for rehabilitation. It does not mean that when we put the criminal in prison we are no longer considering him as a person. Rather, we are only rehabilitating his unacceptable behavior. Everybody deserves a second chance.

We always value human life more than ever and we want an individual to enjoy his life with full meaning. Those who violates the law of the society is sent to the rehabilitation center and when his behavior conforms again to the standard sets by the society, he is free again to mingle with the community.

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