How to Breakdance For Beginners – 5 Tips!

If you’re thinking of taking up breakdancing well let me tell you now that it’s probably the most rewarding and most interesting sports in the world! No two breakdancers are the same, we all have our own styles and moves! However when you’re starting out, its best to get advice from other breakdancers. After all, we were once beginners too! Take a look at my following breakdance for beginners tips.

1. Warm Up – This is very important! Mobilize all your joints, place particular emphasis on your wrists and ankles as they are what takes a lot of your weight. Simply do what you did in gym class to mobilize. However don’t stretch until you’re properly warmed up and by that I mean that you should have been dancing for a while before you begin to stretch.

2. Get Some Mentors – Hang around in a group of other breakdancers where ever you can find them in your city! Look on the internet for classes or societies where they train together and join them. Watch them and get inspiration from them. In time some new kids will come along and they’ll be watching you while you do headspins and windmills.

3. Watch Videos – The internet is a hub of breakdance videos and footage so make use of them. You’ll see a lot of moves that you’ll want to be able to do. The important thing is that you watch any moves you want to learn over and over in detail so that it’s burned into your head. Use imagery too, go over the move in your head and this will help you pull the move off smoother and easier.

4. Master The Basics – Basically don’t go for any big moves until you have the standard ones down first. Get a good six-step before you go for pretzels, get windmills before you go for halos and get the baby freeze before you go for air chairs. Another thing I’ll mention is that most beginners tend to do their footwork with flat hands and flat feet. Your hands should be raised! You can do this by pointing your thumb away from your fingers! Your feet should be positioned so that you’re on your toes, you can do this by bringing your feet closer in when you break! Try it!

5. Get Some Awesome Beats – Breakdancing is all about the music, so make sure you download some awesome mixes that really motivate you to dance!

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