How To Last Longer During Sex – The Easy Way

Not knowing how to last longer during sex is something too many men struggle with. Luckily there are things you can do to change how long you can last in bed.

And unlike what you have may have been convinced into believing, the secret of how to last longer during sex does not lie in some pill, special cream, condom or cock ring.

The secret lies in your actions.

The things you do before and during sex. Because premature ejaculation isn’t something that just „strikes“ or „attacks us“. There are actually very specific things a man has to do to trigger it. But the problem is that most men end up triggering premature ejaculation without even realizing it.

So now that you know that you’ve actually been triggering premature ejaculation all this time, it’s time to take back control, it’s time to step into the driver’s seat and begin deciding how long you want to last during sex instead of having no control.

Here’s the first step to taking back control…

You’ve got to eliminate unnecessary tension in your body.

You see, unnecessary tension actually promotes early orgasm. When you’re really tense you end up sending many negative signals to your body. Being tense signals that you’re nervous, which causes the release of two hormones into the blood stream called dopamine and adrenaline, which in turn have actually been found to encourage premature ejaculation.

Now, there are some very easy ways to eliminate this kind of tension.

Firstly you’ve got to start breathing slower and deeper. During sex most men get so excited that they take many short and shallow breaths. This only increases the tension in the body. So when you take slow deep breaths the opposite happens. You end up releasing all that tension and lasting longer becomes easier.

Secondly you’ve got to relax your muscles. During sex you’ll probably find your muscles getting more and more tense, especially your leg and butt muscles. If you consciously relax these muscles you’ll actually find it much more difficult to orgasm.

Thirdly you’ve got to think relaxing thoughts. This is actually really easy when you give it a try. Thinking relaxing thoughts is as simple as seeing yourself like James Bond. Imagine yourself walking, talking, acting and thinking like James Bond. When you get a real feeling for what that would be like, suddenly you’ll notice yourself relaxing and becoming more in control.

When you combine all three of these tension eliminating methods you’ll suddenly find yourself very calm, relaxed and in control. And when this happens most of your tension will just melt away. And with less tension comes more time before you need to orgasm.

This is the real secret of how to last longer during sex.

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