How to Make Sex Better – 5 Hot Easy Steps to Catastrophic Orgasms!

Wondering how to make sex better? Want to know exactly how to do it with great excitement and fun? Let’s face it! Some men do not know how to make love to a woman and end up screwing it up somehow.

Men generally get their knowledge of sex from pornography or from their male friends, leading them to have a distorted way of seeing what sex is all about.

If you want to make your sex life better, read the following love making advice, because it describes a foolproof and proven method of giving the best sex possible. Let’s take a look at a stepwise approach to having sex with a woman that will drive her wild.

Step 1 – Get the Woman in ‚The Mood‘

Before actually having sex, you need to set the ambiance just right to put her in the mood for sex. This will enhance both her and your pleasure. In order to put her in the sexy mood and make sex better, make sure the room is darkened, use some beautiful, scented candles and play some lovely music.

Feed her an aphrodisiac. Do one or all of these things in order to set up the right atmosphere for having great sex together.

Step 2 – Use the Act of Foreplay

The use of foreplay is a highly important aspect of learning how to make love to a woman. Being the foremost lovemaking advice, foreplay is the best way of having a simple conversation turn into a sexual experience. It involves the act of kissing, sensual messages and touching or even heavy petting. What you need to do is focus on her own pleasure as the best way to make the transition from your regular selves to your sexual selves.

Step 3 – Try Oral Sex

After foreplay, consider giving her oral sex to make sex a better experience. Start off slowly and remember to use both your tongue and your fingers. You need to try different oral sex techniques as women like different kinds of things. When you find something that seems to excite her, keep doing it.

Step 4 – Tease Her Sometimes

Once you have brought her close to climaxing with your oral sex. Most guys will just go straight into intercourse which is a real mistake. Instead of going straight for sex, begin teasing her, going slowly and starting or stopping sex alternatively. Do this until she goes nuts and begs you to put your penis inside of her.

Step 5 – Start Up Slowly and Build in Intensity

Now that the two of you are finally having sex, it’s a good idea to change the pace every now and then and to change positions to make sex better with more satisfying „oneness“ feelings. Your focus should be on your mutual pleasure and making sure you both fully enjoying yourselves.

If you want another piece of lovemaking advice, build up the speed and then slow things down a bit. Keep doing this change of pace until neither of you can handle it anymore.

It is a good thing to know exactly how to make love to your woman. Using the how to make sex better techniques I’ve outlined above can make you the best performing lover that woman has ever had. Now get out there and find a woman to practice these skills with!

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