How To Please Your Girlfriend

Roses and chocolates may tickle her fancy, but if you really want to give your girlfriend the most intense pleasure that will leave her craving for more, satisfy her in bed by giving her the elusive orgasm. And how do you do it? The best way to give your girlfriend an orgasm is not through penetration but through oral sex. Yes, woman will surely achieve orgasm if you go down on her as opposed to just sticking it in.

If you are a newbie to this, the most important thing to remember is to not perform oral sex on her if she is not fully relaxed. The tension in her body can make it hard for you to stimulate her vagina. So a sensual massage or foreplay can do the trick. When she is already at ease, approach her vagina with tender care. Start by licking the vulva and proceed carefully to the labia. Spend some time licking and kissing each side of the vulva, and if you sense that she is ready to be taken in, softly take her clitoris into your mouth and suck on it. Flick your tongue over and around the clitoris to provide her the maximum pleasure.

The vagina is a very complex system and it takes expertise to fully understand how to give your woman an orgasm through oral stimulation. In the book Lick by Lick by Michael Webb, he postulates that many men do it the wrong way. Upon reading the book, it seems like many men really do not know how to please a woman by doing cunnilingus. The book presents techniques little-known to many men. The book provides easy-to-understand instructions on how to give oral sex to a woman the right way (and some awesome tips on how to involve your finger in the process). The book comes with a money back guarantee and other free books such as 101 Romantic Ideas so you are in for a treat when you buy the book…and so is your girlfriend.

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