How to Pleasure a Girl in Bed – 3 Surefire Ways to Make Her Jump Up and Down With Pure Pleasure

The only mystery that mankind hasn’t been able to understand is how to pleasure a girl in bed. Rest assured, mankind has been lucky enough to get a fair idea of it thanks to countless number of experiments and studies. Having a girl is no easy task; so, no pain no gain!!

Pleasuring a girl in bed maybe a challenge, but lets also not remember that it’s quiet a thrill as well. And it’s also a challenge worth taking, after when the stakes are high we do have to work really hard to win right?

Rule 1; make the girl feel that she is wanted. Make her understand that she means a lot to you and that she makes you feel whole. Girls love to hear guys say „you mean everything to me“, so make sure to say that quiet often.

Rule 2; don’t just jump in the sack and do the deed and get out of bed in 5 minutes or less. The saying „from dawn till dusk“ is what girls want in bed, literally. Make sure to take your time in fore play in bed with her. Touching and caressing are two most important things to remember.

Rule 3; girls don’t orgasm as fast as boys. So the boys need to learn to hold their orgasm until the girl has her fair share of sensual pleasure in making love. The more you guys hold your orgasm the more excitement you have when you have an orgasm.

Delaying your orgasm for the pleasure of the girl in bed is worth it. Equally priceless is both partners having an orgasm in bed at the same time. Saying something romantic at that time will only add to the pleasure. So, I bid you bon voyage in the oceans of love.

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