How to Take Care of the Style With Dry Frizzy Hair

Many people’s hair looks the best and least frizzy toward the end of the day when the natural oil starts to come out.

Is there have any heavy-duty straight up oil or grease which could be throwed into the hair each day? Usually people are trying to get their hair NOT to be greasy, but the people with dry frizzy hair quite the opposite.

„What should they do?“

Here is the answer:

You wouldn’t put any product up close to the scalp as, like you say, those natural oils will come out and they’re usually enough. So we don’t want to do anything to help make our hair look dirty as it gets that way fast enough! right?

For the anti-frizz look, you could squirt out a little puddle of „smoothing serum“ into the palms of your hands, spread it around a bit and then start grabbing your DAMP (not quite dry) ends with this product. Wash hands directly after. Comb and then make sure this comb is only used for this step.

Smoothing serum is a product that helps take flyaways and acts as a heat protectant too when using a blow dryer. (or other heated appliances that ladies use) You’ll find it at beauty supply stores or salons. If you cannot find it, try a little spray hair wax, following the directions. Garnier Fructis has some on the shelves of your favorite stores.

Good luck! Just experiment with how much or how little, keep those products away from your scalp.

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