I Want a Baby Boy – What Should I Do? Advice and Tips to Help

Some couples who are trying to conceive really don’t care which gender they ultimately get, but some care very much and want to take a bit of extra effort to ensure that they get the gender that they want.  The other day, I received an email from a woman who said „I’ve decided I that I want a baby boy.  What should I do now?“ I’ll answer this question and explain the reasoning behind my answer in the following article.

The First Thing You Should Do If You Want A Boy Baby: The first thing that I would advise you to do is to go out and get some PH testing strips.  The reason that I’m telling you to do this first is because changing your vaginal PH takes the longest of all of the things that you’ll need to do.  So, in order to get started as quickly as possible, you’ll want to address your acidity first.

The reasoning or science behind this is that boy sperm are the weaker of the two.  If they are exposed to a highly acidic vagina with a high PH, they are much more likely to die off or diminish in their numbers.  Obviously, you can’t afford to have this happen if you want a son.

You can get the testing strips at health food stores or on line.  Using them will tell you how acidic you really are because you need to make yourself as alkaline as you possibly can to give the boy sperm the best chance. Once you know your reading, you’ll then need to decide how you want to lower your PH.  You can do this by douching, through your diet, or by using both methods.  Using both is quicker, but you’ll also have more to deal with.  However, a lot of people would rather just dive in and get this out of the way.

For diet, you’ll need to eat foods that have a low PH while avoiding foods with a high one. By no means are you limiting your calories.  In fact, studies show that consuming slightly more calories increases your odds of having a son, so make sure that you are eating regularly and not limiting yourself.  For douching, you’ll use solutions based on how acidic you already are.  Unless you’ve very alkaline already, you’ll often need more than vinegar and water or the douches that you buy in the store.

Your Next Step To Conceive A Boy: Once you have a handle on your PH situation and have come up with a plan, you’ll need to get a reliable way to predict your ovulation if you don’t already have one. Determining the days in the middle of your cycle and hoping for the best is not what I mean.  I also find cervical mucus measuring and basal temperature to require too much guess work. 

I much prefer saliva or urine ovulation predictors and of the two, I like saliva the best.  No matter which method you use, you need to shoot to conceive on the day that you ovulate or the day immediately following that – at the very latest.  Since the Y (boy) sperm are so vulnerable, you can’t have them waiting for your egg.  You want the egg to follow them, not the other way around. 

So, step two in your plan is determining your exact ovulation day and having intercourse on that day or the day after and no earlier or later than that.

The Final Consideration If You Want A Boy:  So, let’s say that you have your PH low enough and you know when your golden day is without a doubt.  Now, the final thing that you want to do is to use deeper penetration when you have intercourse.  This is because you want to deposit the sperm close to the cervix because you’re giving these weak guys less work to do.  Rear entry positions, woman on top, or any position where you raise your legs or use a pillow under your hips will work.  It doesn’t hurt to keep your legs elevated for a few minutes after intercourse either.

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