Kissing Mistakes You Are Making

One of the biggest complaints women have is that men don’t know how to kiss or don’t kiss long enough. They move right in for the sex. Bad mistake. Your woman will be a lot hotter and more likely to give it her all if you know how to kiss.

These are kissing mistakes that you are making.

1. Too Fast. We have all seen the movie where people rush into the house and start ripping off clothes. All the while they are doing this they are kissing passionately. This may be fine for the films, but they are getting paid. You need to slow down. Take your time and let the passion build.

2. Too deeply. You may be going too far. Literally. Don’t use your tongue like you are probing for a medical exam. Having a tongue forced down your mouth is not sexy. Stay towards the front and then move towards the middle of the mouth. Let her move you further back at her own pace.

3. Too Sloppy. No woman wants to feel like she needs a towel when she finishes kissing you. This is one time when wetter is not better. Say it, don’t spray it. Make sure you are not licking her all over the face. This is really distracting and will turn her off not on.

4. Too Aggressive. Don’t make a woman fight you while kissing you. Work with her not against her. Be sensitive to her rhythm. Let her lead and then take control. This means going just a little faster, not leaving her at the starting line. Go with the flow and the passion will soon follow.

5. Too Focused. Don’t just kiss her lips. Make sure you are exploring her whole body. Don’t miss the neck, ears, back, etc. Enjoy her whole body and she will enjoy yours.

If you really want to make a woman want you then you have to be a good kisser. If you want them standing in line then become a great kisser. This is like the appetizer before a good meal.

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