Libido Enhancer – The NEW Improved Libido Enhancer For Men

Diet plays a huge role in acting as a libido enhancer through increasing a man’s sexual urges – it has done for centuries.

However now, with advanced knowledge of what foods really get a mans libido enhanced, delivering stronger, harder, more powerful erections and orgasms as well as contributing to growth in this department – science appears to have discovered a new formula.

As we now know there are foods known as aphrodisiacs which will increase your libido. Traditionally, people used different herbs and plants to serve as sexual stimulant enhancers, such as love potions used to entice partners in to having sex.

With the advancement of modern science however, Viagra was the sexual stimulant drug which took the libido enhancing market by storm this century, but with Viagra there are inherent dangers, as iIt’s quite possible for elderly men to take more than there usual fix, which can result in heart problems, at worst – a cardiac arrest.

So since Viagra came about, the search has been on for a natural libido enhancer that won’t pose potential health risks but at the same time will supply increased blood flow to the pubic region, delivering an enhanced, stronger and longer performance in the sack.

Well it appears science – or nature – may well have CRACKED IT.

Known as Pomegranate – Ellagic, research at the University of California believes this natural stimulant – if consumed in its PURE form – helps produce Nitric Oxide in the blood, which in turn will relax blood-vessel walls, enhancing the the blood flow in the pubic region.

Similar to the way impotence drugs work for men, by making tissue cells more permeable in order to boost sperm production, scientists state that pomegranate-ellagic will not only boost sperm production, stamina and control but could well treat many erectile dysfunctions.

Additional libido enhancer stimulants include:

  • Epimedium Sagittatum – which effects the body similarly to Viagra, but without any risky stimulants. It works by causing smooth muscle relaxation helping to increase the blood circulation in a mans genitalia.
  • L-Arginine – an important amino acid helps produce nitric oxide (NO), that will provide tougher erections by dilating your blood vessels in to penile erectile tissue.
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) – with MSM deficiencies, new cells become rigid, weak and/or deformed. MSM helps to restore permeability and flexibility back in to the cell walls so fluids can pass through the tissues much more easily.

MSM also helps repair worn and damaged cartilage in your ligaments, tendons and joints, restoring them to flexible new cell tissue.

As a libido enhancer goes – only a handful of the latest scientifically tested supplements will include these ingredients and deliver these results.

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