Menopause – 7 Common And Troublesome Symptoms Of The Change Of Life!

Menopause is a natural part of a womans life that comes to all women usually during their 40s and 50s (can be earlier or later for some women), and is typically called the „Change of Life“… the transition from fertility to the end of their productive life.

The „Change of Life“ occurs when the monthly cycle of ovulation comes to an end. Symptoms affect about 70% of women approaching or experiencing it and some symptoms can create havoc for many women.

7 common symptoms of menopause include:

  • Putting on weight : often around the waist, hips and thighs due to hormonal changes and changes in metabolism
  • Hot flushes/flashes: the most common and most troublesome symptom of menopause. It’s a feeling of intense heat that comes all at once and can hit during the day or at night no matter what the weather. Intensity and duration of the flushes/ flashes varies from woman to woman but for many it is a troublesome and distressing experience that can last for years
  • Overwhelming fatigue: feeling as if you have run a marathon, feeling drained and as though you are running on empty even though your day has just begun
  • Problems sleeping even without night sweats: being wide awake at an early hour, waking up a lot at night, tossing and turning and sleep isn’t restful. Sleeping problems can have profound effects on your physical and emotional well-being if they happen on a regular basis
  • Irregular menstrual cycle: irregular periods, shorter, lighter or heavier periods. Some cycles can be longer and then without warning the cycle becomes shorter
  • Memory loss and an inability to concentrate
  • Incredible mood swings feelings of dread, apprehension, overwhelming sadness, instant irritation… and everything in between… in the same day, and sometimes even in the same hour…. it’s like being on an emotional roller coaster! This can become a problem if intensity and frequency of mood swings become uncontrollable

These symptoms can not only be disruptive for the woman experiencing them, but also for those close to the woman both at home and at work.

Menopause is something that will happen… but many of the symptoms can easily be controlled.

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