Orgasm Tips – How to Please Your Woman

Here are some very important and highly effective orgasm tips to please your lady. These are surefire ways on how you can please your woman each and every time.

1. Find the G.

Locating the G-spot is a guaranteed way to trigger pleasure and excitement. Research easy ways to first find it, and then learn how to trigger it properly.

2. Last Long Enough During Sex.

This is huge. Women who don’t experience enough pleasure during sex are usually women who’s male partners are not lasting long enough or are suffering from premature ejaculation. Don’t be one of those guys! If you want to last longer you are going to have to learn some tricks and techniques that you can practice on your own to avoid premature ejaculation.

3. Learn Variety.

This is a big one as well. Variety is very, very important in sex. Just doing the same thing each and every time is boring and your woman could start looking elsewhere to seek the excitement and variety she secretly desires. Nip this in the bud from the beginning by learning as many sex techniques and orgasm tips as you can. Read up in a sex manual and learn different positions and different pleasuring techniques for variety.

4. Talk Dirty.

Talking during sex can be a HUGE turn on for women, and can contribute to amazing orgasms. Talking dirty during sex doesn’t necessarily have to be raunchy, it just needs to be your verbal expressions on how much you are enjoying the experience and how great she looks and feels.

5. Oral.

Effective orgasm tips wouldn’t be complete without a mention of oral sex. Learn how to perform it properly for maximum pleasure. A sex tips and techniques book can show you with diagrams how exactly to perform oral to please her beyond belief.

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