Please and Thank You – They Are Magic Words

When your child asks you for something, as parents we are always conscious to teach them the correct manners and will always remind them to say the magic words „please and thank you“ if they have forgotten to use them. Saying these words costs nothing but the impact they can have can alter the way we interact with others and more importantly how others perceive us. That’s why they are referred to as „magic“.

Saying please each time you request something displays politeness, courtesy and consideration to the person you have just made the request to. Saying thank you each time you have received something or a task has been completed also depicts your gratitude. Let’s face it, everyone likes to be appreciated and know they are of value to others. Using these simple words is also a reflection of your own attitude towards others and will attract people to you because they can see you are sincere.

In today’s world where life has become so busy, these two little words seem to be used less frequently. People are too busy rushing around and seem to think only of themselves and the things they have to do. By pausing just for a moment to say these magic words you may just brighten up someone’s day and give them a feeling of value. As we stated before, these words cost nothing to say but their impact can be huge.

We teach children from a young age about these words so why when we are adults do we sometimes forget to use them? Using these words demonstrates respect for you and those around you. We send cards to say thank you for gifts and for other special occasions which requires much more effort than simply speaking the words.

So, today when you are going about your business, make a note to yourself to say please and thank you. Start today to use these words. Whether you are buying something in a shop, asking for directions or requesting some information remind yourself to say please and thank you to anyone who has offered you some kind of service today. After a while these words will become habit and as well as having a positive impact on how you relate to others, you yourself will feel so much better.

It’s true there are some people for whom good etiquette comes naturally. They know how to smile, which questions to ask and how to make people around them feel good about themselves. Take time to watch these people as you can learn an awful lot. These two little words are indeed magic. Using them has a positive impact on yourself and those around you and costs you nothing.

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