Runes of Magic Fire Mage – Priest Build

Fire mages specialize in maximum damage output. This build will focus on one verse one leveling and PVP techniques.

This build does not include area of effect spells except for one and that is Purgatory fire. The is the most common used build in runes of Magic.

PVE: this fire build makes it easy to destroy monsters with ease. In most cases you’ll be able to defeat enemies 2 to 3 levels above you.

Your main damage dealing spells the flame and fireball enough damage to destroy enemies quickly. I personally use electric bolt to initiate battle with monsters.

Ruins of Magic allows you to create macros which is extremely nice for dispatching monsters with one click of a button. On Priest side of this build regenerate will eliminate the need to pot spam.

The priest also has a very important spell called rising tide, the spell is not as useful until you get it an instant cast by completing the level 30 elite quest.

Another extremely useful skill mage possesses is elemental catalysis that enables you to spam any skill with no cast time for 5 seconds. It’s your flame skill has no cool down you are able to rain down vast amounts of damage on your enemies. The only downside is this skill requires a 10 minute cool down.

With elemental catalysis you’ll be able to dispatch the majority of the mini bosses in runes of Magic with ease.

PVP: with any mage distance is the key to PVP. The mage deals the most amount of damage in any game but the flipside is they are extremely squishy. Luckily this build has a few techniques to help you keep your distance from enemies.

The following skills will be the most important skills to use during PVP from the mage and priest tree: fireball, lightning, silence, flame, electrostatic charge, plasma arrow, discharge, electric bolt, electric compression, static field, Purgatory fire, rising tide, urgent heal, and regenerate.

PVP: initiating PVP

The obvious sure kill when initiating a PVP Battle is to use elemental catalysis and spam flame, your opponent will die very quickly and leave you feeling PVP is not hard.

If you’re elemental catalysis is on cooldown have the ability to use static field on your opponent at any time, this will paralyze your enemy anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds without them being able to move, attack, pot, and inflict damage on you.

Now back to initiating your PVP Battle. Note: these techniques are for open PVP not duels. I like to put my first several spells in a macro consisting of electric bolt, rising tide, fireball, lightning, flame. You should be able to get all these spells off in your macro before the enemy has a chance to recover, before they know they are under attack you look at them with lightning stunning them long enough to get your flame spell off before being touched.

After the initial barrage melee-based characters will start to storm after you, you have a few options at this point, I personally think in another flame spell immediately after the previous one. You will now be under attack and sustaining damage, make sure your electrostatic charges up which will take about two hits from enemy. Now that the melee opponent is on top of you use your skill discharge to stun your enemy for 5 seconds, you can now follow this with a quick Purgatory fire and flame.

You’ll most likely sustain another hit before or shortly after you cast your flame spell. Now you’re in trouble right? Or macro has cooled down fully but you won’t last long to get those spells off. That is where electrostatic field comes in, this build only has the minimum talent point distribution on this specific skill, netting only seconds of an enemy’s stun. Once your enemy is stunned look for a nearby monster and use your plasma arrow on them for the use of electric compression, hopefully you will not be any area where monsters are very powerful so that you can dispatch them within 5 seconds to gain another use of your static field.

You will now have the opportunity to use regenerate or urgent heal before you start your initial PVP macro again. This last barrage of magical damage should destroy most melee characters by this point if not sooner. If you have not destroyed you can rinse and repeat this technique over and over again. Good technique and practice with quick thinking makes these techniques the best they can be and PVP verse melee-based characters.

PVP: forced PVP

When being attacked randomly good rule to get used to keep your static field handy in case you need to use it to stop somebody from inflicting fatal damage. If you do not have your static field stored your next best option is to use silence and lightning followed by a plasma arrow for use of your electric compression so that you can use your static field. Whatever situation you’re in it is important to use your static field to stop your opponent and attack on your terms. From here you can use the techniques mentioned above to destroy your opponent.

Here is a list of the best skills to truly be able to paint aisle use with this build:

Mage Tree

Fireball: make sure to priority Max this skill is an instant cast and is a very important skill in DPS spamming

Lightning: this skill is mainly used to root your opponent at a distance so that they cannot move. The damage on the skill is not very much so doesn’t have much use other than rooting. You only need to put around 10 talent points in this skill or enough to get around a 5 second root.

Wisdom: this passive skill will increase your wisdom enabling you have more manna points to use skills with. This is a very important skill to have but not enough talent points to get the most out of it until later in the game. You can put spare points spare points into it your leisure.

Silence: this is a must-have skill for PVP and the base skill is sufficient most of the time and you really don’t need to put talent points in it until maybe later in the game.

Flame: this skill is a priority Max asked if it’s your most used damage dealing spell with no cooldown. Only downside is that you have a 3 second cast.

Electrostatic charge: this is a great skill to use when you need to eat up to four hits from a monster or an opponent, it can last less depending on monster level and opponents equipment. Because of this you can put spare points as needed into it.

Plasma Arrow: you don’t need to put any extra the only need for it is to create a charge state for use of electric compression.

Discharge: the only use of this skill with this build is to use the 5 second stun that it gives to the opponent or monster when initiating the skill. We only need to use the skill when being mobbed by monsters on opponent gets too close to you. The base skill is sufficient and no need to put any additional points in it.

Electric Bolt: this is another priority Max skill this is above average DOT and the only one that mage has. The effectiveness of this is much greater during PVE than in PVP. The DOT lasts 12 seconds so make sure it has finished its DOT damage before using static field as the DOT effect will break the stun before you might be ready.

Fire Knowledge: this skill increases your passive fire damage on firebased skills. This is very important in maximizing your damage during PVP and PVE. Talent points will be tight early on but make sure to put as many points as you can in this to boost your fire damage.

Purgatory Fire: upgrading the skills very important but you will not likely have enough talent points to put in it early on. This is the only AOE skill this build has but is an instant cast and no cooldown. It also has very good damage and will destroy slightly lower monsters with ease. The best combination of skills to use with this one is discharge for the stun and electrostatic charge to eat a few hits.

Energy Well: this skill will reduce the manna cost of your skills for a period of time. I only put my spare points in this skill because the downside is that it has a two-minute cooldown and I was putting points into wisdom.

Elemental Weakness: this skill is awesome and one of the most underrated, monsters and opponents will most likely have heavily modded gear that will have resistances to your magical attacks. The casting this spell on an enemy will nullify that gear and then some. You’ll be doing much closer to the base damage description on your skills when you cast this on your enemies first.

Eruption: fireball and plan have a chance to explode and cause additional fire damage, this is a fixed spell by great.

Elemental Catalysis: for the amount of 20 seconds magic damage is enhanced by 20% in every 2 seconds 2% mana is regained, this is a fixed spell.

Priest Tree

Rising Tide: this is a priority Max skill, once you unlock the elite skills and get this to a instant cast your DPS will go up greatly when you combine fireball and electric bolt together.

Urgent Heal: this skill is somewhat decent but usually causes problems as it doesn’t heal enough and wastes time when you can be casting other more important spells. I would put a limited number of talent points in the skill and only really use it between PVP and PVE fights.

Regenerate: this is one of the most important skills of the Priest tree at a very high level you’ll regenerate a ton of health points over a 12 second span. This is a great spell to use during battle, before battle, and after battle. Put as much talent points on this as you can.

Magic Barrier: this skill is a must-have for dungeon raids and leveling against high level monsters in parties. Magical defense buff is needed when taking on powerful bosses and PVP with magic damage dealers.

Holy Aura: this skill is for those oh crap moments, all damage received will be reduced to zero for 5 seconds, enough said and skill is fixed level.


You’ll have a lot of fun playing with the fire mage build, you will be able to do a ton of damage heal and regenerate your health, one verse one and PVE with ease and dominate one verse one PVP. This is a basic and pretty easy build to play with and most magic users will choose this build. A more advanced build is being a wind that mage when played properly can be fun and even exceed the limits of the fire mage.

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