Runes of Magic Leveling Guide

Quests: in runes of magic quests will be your best friend, as it is the most efficient way to level both of your classes. With a vast variety of in runes of magic and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to level quickly if you put in the necessary time.

Daily Quests: these are very special quests that you can accept and complete 10 times in a 24-hour period. These are by far the most rewarding quests in the game before leveling. Most of the quests are collecting items from dead monsters and bringing them back to the required NPC for completion. The best way that I’ve found to complete these quests quickly is to calculate how many items you need to collect and grind on the mobs until you have gathered enough to complete the quest 10 times. Then you can just go back and forth excepting and completing quests until your 10 quest limit. However if you have real money to spend in this game you can buy a daily quests reset stone and you can complete daily quests for an additional 10 times. Another very important bonus you get for completing these quests are phirius tokens, they can be used to purchase items in the cash shop of your choosing.

Tip: when doing a 10 daily quests, keep in mind your level and experience needed. In most cases I would recommend taking the time to start completion of these quests on the highest level monsters that you can kill fast and effectively. This will give you more experience than you might not have gotten otherwise and you will level much quicker. Also keep in mind where the NPC location is for the completion of the quest. In a couple instances I found the completion and NPC deep in the heart of much higher level monsters that aggro you. You can also avoid quests that you have to run a mile to complete the quest. I would much rather accept and complete quests that are near the daily quests board and towns even though I might get slightly less experience. These are some good tips to consider but overall choice is up to you.

Soloing: in Runes of Magic: soloing does not work as a viable option to level. You will be able to destroy monsters 1 to 2 levels higher or lower of you but you will not see a significant increase in your experience bar. So if you think that you can skip to quests and level grind this just won’t work.

Party Leveling: does a really decent way of leveling your character when you are in a party. With a good tank or off tank, priest primary or secondary with good healing upgrades is great. And a couple damage dealers were high DPS characters are a must when party leveling each others‘ characters. The only really effective way of parting leveling is to attack and eliminate mobs that are 6 to 10 levels higher than you. This requires good gear and the ability to cut down these high levels fairly quickly and move to the next. I have been in several of these parties and I’ve decided that unless you truly are tired of questing for that day that doing the daily quests and normal quests are much more efficient when leveling your character.

Leveling a Secondary Class: luckily this game, runes of magic allows you the opportunity to do two sets of quests, one for your primary and one for your secondary based on level. You have a couple options here, you can complete your primary quests for a map and then switch to your secondary class and then complete the quest for the same that. This is what the majority of most players do and it works fine. However I have a lot of success by sticking to my primary class and leveling it to a high-level. Then I took on a series of high-level quests based on my primary level and completing them but not turning them in. You can now switch over to your secondary class and turn in the quest, if you have a significantly lower level of secondary class this is a great way to level up your dual class quickly. You can the same thing with your daily quests. The only downside to this little trick is with the daily, in order to accept a high-level daily quest to power level your secondary is you will have to switch back to your primary class just to accept another quest.

All in all this game is not too difficult to level assuming you not mind questing all day long. Runes of Magic has a variety of different skills and dual class options as possible to try different types before tiring of this game.

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