Runes of Magic Wind Mage-Priest

Anyone who has played the fire mage/priest build knows how pretty basic and straightforward that builds can be. Yes it’s great, it’s awesome, but if you’re looking for something more, something that if played the right way can be even more powerful and more rewarding. Well then you are in luck, I have tested and played this build extensively and had a lot of success and failures. True, the wind mage does not deal is much pure damage as the fire mage that they are much more useful in a number of aspects of the game.

PVE: there is good news and there’s bad news about this build when it comes to PVE in the runes of is very difficult to level and do quests when you are fighting solo. You just don’t do enough to pure damage in DPS to kill monsters effectively. Later in the game it is not so bad once you have unlocked of rising tide. However there is a choice you can make.and it’s up to you, can pick either flame or plasma arrow is your main damage dealing spell, plasma arrow will more criticals, faster cast time, more charged states, but less damage. Flame is a constant high damage dealing spell and will help you earlier on but not so much when you start upping your wind knowledge. If you have enough money for a skill reset stone you can start with flame instead of plasma arrow. I personally like to keep it simple and would recommend starting out with plasma arrow just to say the money.

When doing quests and one of verse one leveling your damage dealing spells are pretty basic. I ended up just using a macro of starting off with electric bolt and then just spamming plasma arrow until the monster is dead. You can also use lightning followed by meteor shower and plasma arrow to kill enemies also, but on average each monster takes about 5 seconds more to kill than a fire mage build. Good news AOE! This is where the wind mage shines, you are able to own in these parties. With great crowd control and massive area of effect spells you are able to level and quickly speed through dungeons and instances.

Maxing out discharge kind of damage when coupled with wind knowledge and also gives a 5 second stun to your enemies, which your party members will love when battling bosses. You also have one of my favorite skills at your disposal that is thunderstorm which in addition to a kind of damage it also inflicts slowdown in movement and attack your enemies for 5 seconds. The way I do it is start off with the thunderstorm AOE and since it’s channeled when enemies get close enough to cancel your channel you follow that up with discharge, causing the 5 second stun then you can follow that up with another thunderstorm, you’ll usually be able to dispatch your enemies on the second thunderstorm with no trouble at all. If not, you can use electrostatic charge and holy aura and wait for discharge cooldown. Rinse and repeat until they have all died.

PVP: you may not think that the wind mage stands a chance in PVP but you may be surprised. Here is a list of the PVP skills that the wind mage has at his disposal. Fireball, lightning, silence, elemental catalysis, electrostatic charge, plasma arrow, discharge, electric bolt, meteor shower, electric explosion, electric compression, static field, energy influx, elemental weakness, energy well, and thunderstorm. You won’t have the pure high damage output but you have a wide variety of high damage stuns that will wear down your enemy until their death. Groupe PVP is more than a rush with this build, you can rain down thunderstorms and discharges and watch countless enemies drop dead to the ground.

Initiating PVP:

When initiating a PVP Battle against another opponent of their favor to dispatch him rather quickly, this is for the fact that most players have a slower response time and their mind goes blank when they realize they are under attack. With that said we will get into a macro for the wind mage for the opening series of spells that can be cast to destroy enemies. First off, I start out with electric bolt followed by instant casts of fireball and rising tide then 1 to 2 plasma arrows until your opponent starts to attack back. Next in line in the macro will be lightning which will root your opponent and allow you to get off at least two more plasma arrows. Once your opponent is unrooted you can use discharge and give your enemy another 5 second stun, assuming you have an electric compression stored you can cast 2 more plasma arrows followed by static field. Since your static field will be leveled quite a bit more than with the fire build you have anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds to store another electric compression, using urgent heal, and regenerate spells. Once you are ready you can start to beginning macro over again if your opponent has not already been destroyed. You can use silence, thunderstorm, elemental weakness, energy well, energy influx, and electric explosion (most damage in the game) at your discretion. It is a good idea to use energy well, energy influx, elemental weaknesses before you start your opening PVP macros. A good finishing combo is to use lightning and then channel galaxy clean up any remaining points your opponent might have. This technique works very well, you may play with a little bit to find the best series of spells and techniques that work the best for you.

As you can see, the wind mage has a ton more options during PVP that you might not have guessed. There is a certain chance that the wind mage times will more damage than the fire mage based on their probability of issuing critical magical strikes upon your opponents. I have destroyed a melee-based character in just the opening series of spells in my macro due to critical hits.

Forced PVP:

The easiest way to deal with someone who is forced PVP upon you is to quickly hit them with a static field,. A good habit to get into is to try to remember to always have an electric compression stored. In the event that you not have the ability to use static field you have a couple of options. The only real option you have against ranged attacks is to silence them and use plasma arrows on him to gain the ability to static field. The best way is to static field him with with electric compression stored. If you want to try to eke out as much damage as you can before having use static field you can hit them with a discharge if they are melee-based followed by thunderstorm. Then just done them with static field, use your heal or regenerate and start your PVP macro that was discussed earlier. Rogues and scouts will become your worst enemy when they forced PVP upon you because of their DOT attack strength. Your only real chances to have fast response time and quick thinking to slow down their DPS and then allow you to start inflicting your own barrage of attacks.

Here is a list of the recommended skills or the wind mage/priest filled:

Mage Skills

Fireball: this is a priority max skill, it is and required for DPS spamming.

Lightning: 30 talent points is about where you want this to be, the longer the root effect the better. This is a great spell before you use galaxy.

Wisdom: as with all mages this is a very important skill, however you won’t be able to be able to spend enough talent points that you may want on it due to other priorities. If you find yourself running short on man too often you can dump a few points on this at your leisure.

Silence: this is a great skill to use against other magic users and ranged attackers such as scouts. This can save your life if you are waiting for a cooldown of one of your stun skills. The base skill is fine in most cases but it’s a good idea when you reach that max level to farm talent points from monsters to up the scale.

Elemental Catalysis: this is a fixed skill that for 20 seconds magic damage is increased and then for every 2 seconds 2% mana is regained.

Electrostatic Charge: this still is a shield that absorbs damage, however you can expect it to only last for 2 to 5 hits from an opponent or monster depending on level gears. The best way to distribute points in this category is to put in a few here and there or if you’re finding that you are in need of some extra shield during gameplay.

Plasma Arrow: this is your main damage during spell as a priority max of your talent points. It is not as strong as flame but has a lower caste time and a charged state which helps you store electric compression for the use of static field. While in a charged state you have an increased chance of inflicting critical damage on opponents or enemies. When coupled with energy influx you greatly increase your potential damage which happens more often than not.

Discharge: this skill is your bread and butter in your AOE arsenal, try to keep as many points as you can to put into this skill. It is not essential to put all your points and but make sure you have enough to do some good damage when you use it. In addition to the AOE damage that you’ll be causing with this skill, there is also a 5 second stun effect which can either save your life or give you time for a full channel of thunderstorm.

Electric Bolt: this is an average DOT as the classes go but it’s better than not having any at all. Over a 12 second span you’ll be doing extra damage over time in 2 second intervals. This is great for PVE and PVP, make sure that you do not cast static field while this skill is in effect as the damage over time skill will break the stun.

Meteor Shower: this skill has its pros and cons for use, this spell will do a ton of damage but it is channeled. When channeling this spell, if you are attacked successfully hit your channeling will stop them you may not be able to maximize the full duration of the spell. will rain down a meteor shower which will hit your opponent or monster five times during its duration. The best way to use his spell is to first cast lightning and then immediately cast meteor shower. This will guarantee that you can finish your channel without interruptions.

Electric Explosion: this spell can dish out the most damage of any one verse one spell in the game, however you need to be in the charged state. Once you are in charged state you can fire off 2 to 3 electric explosions before you have to get into the charged state again. is a great spell but unfortunately talent points can be spent better in other areas. Once I reached max level this is the first skill that I started farming talent points to upgrade.

Electric Compression: this is a fixed skill that you can initialize once you are in a charged state to store it for the use of static field.

Static Field: this is a very important skill to the wind mage during PVP, being able to stun opponents or monster is for an extended period of time is of great use for this build. I put a good number of points into this skill to up the amount of time a monster or enemy is paralyzed. You need at least 15 seconds or so stun on this skill so that you have time to heal and regenerate when needed. Depending on your response time and reflexes you may need more or less points distributed in this skill.

Wind Knowledge: this passive skill increases your base wind damage for those spell types. This is extremely useful between level 25 and 35 for the extra damage it adds to your attacks. I was able to it fairly high with leftover talent points that I accumulated after priority maxing my main damage dealing spells.

Energy Influx: using this skill at high levels would greatly increase your chance of inflicting a critical strike to your opponent or monster. The only bad side of this spell is that it has a two-minute cooldown and at higher levels you can only use it for limited amount of time. In some cases it might last long enough to complete a dual or PVP attack on an opponent. I put spare points on this skill here and there and got a two-run level 15 and was happy with the results. I believe that leveling this higher when you’re firing for talent points will make you that much more lethal.

Energy Well: this is a great skill at later levels when you have the talent points to put in it, anytime you can reduce the skills mana casting requirements that is a good thing, and you’re able to use HP potions instead of MP potions. This is another skill that is better off upgraded at higher levels.

Elemental Weakness: this is really important for the wind mage since you don’t do enough raw damage beside your critical strikes. By decreasing the targets resistance to magical attacks greatly enhances the damage output on monsters and enemies. I would start upgrading the skill in the game or if you PVP more than the average player.

Thunderstorm: this is the most powerful AOE skill in the game and what makes this win builds shine during party leveling, raids, dungeons, instances, and anytime you want to kill a lot of enemies in the same area very quickly. This skill is channeled which means it can be disrupted if attacked. Once initiated, you’ll inflict when damage three times based on the skill level to the opponent or monster, and in addition creates a slowdown in movement and attack for 5 seconds. The combo that I found it was most effective when AOEing is to first start of thunderstorm and once disrupted cast discharge for the 5 second stun followed by another thunderstorm. Most of the time this chained combo will slice down whatever is near you in a quick manner.

Priest Skills

Rising Tide: this is above average damage dealing spell and when it is unlocked as an instant cast this increases your DPS with fireball and electric Bolt. This is a max priority upgrade.

Urgent Heal: this is a decent healing skill that helps restore your hit points after a battle or during grinding sessions. However it does not restore a massive amount of hit points and I do not recommend it being used during PVP unless you’re using it during a static field stun. I put a few points here and there but don’t worry about keeping it maxed.

Regenerate: this is the main healing skill you’ll be using and is extremely effective. Over 20 seconds of time you will be regenerating hit points every 2 seconds. At higher levels will see a big increase in your HP regeneration and survival ability.

Holy Aura: this is a very good spell cheese during PVE or during PVP when your enemies are about to inflict a final blow on you. For 5 seconds will be completely immune to all damage hurled at you. Sometimes this can make the difference between opponent death and yours. This is a fixed skill.

Magic Barrier: using the skill increases your resistance to magical attacks which is great against other magic dealing characters as well as many bosses in a raid bosses. I try to put as many points as I can to upgrade this to use in parties.


This is a very fun build and can be used very quickly to level when played properly. If you are solo type player and don’t like to party much or join guilds or be friendly this build is probably not for you. But if you want to take part in the more fun parts of this game whether it be dungeon, instances, or big boss raids this is a great build for you. You will be able to gain the valuable gears and crafting materials needed for powerful items in this game. A good wind mage will always be summoned for all these types of adventures. The best advice I can give you is to be patient and you’ll be well rewarded. Enjoy this build in Runes of Magic.

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