Tips on How to Clean Mattresses After Bed Wetting Accidents

If you want to know how to remove urine once and for all from bed wetting accidents that your child has had, keep reading. There are lots of different ways to ensure that all of the stains have been removed and that no unpleasant odor lingers on the mattress.

Before you even attempt to deal with the mattress, make sure all bed linens have been removed and are being laundered; there is no sense in trying to clean a mattress with any trace of urine still present on wet sheets or mattress pads. This will ensure that your child has a clean, fresh bed to sleep in that night. Since a couple of hours will be required to completely clean the bed, take your time.

You will find the mess easier to clean if you do it right away. You should first sop up any excess urine with paper towels prior to applying any cleaning solutions.

Now it is time to work on the stain; mix two thirds of detergent with a third of vinegar and apply to the mattress to remove any excess staining. You can blot the stain with this solution and then allow it to sit on the area for 30 minutes, allowing the urine to be absorbed by the cleaner. A clean, damp sponge is the next stage to try and remove as much of the cleaning solution from the mattress as possible. Sprinkle some cornstarch over the affected area, and leave this for several hours to finish the stain removal process.

This article has given you some information on how to remove urine. However, there are other ways you may want to try to get rid of stains on mattresses; choose whichever one gives you the best results.

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