Types of Laptops

Laptops can be categories based on factors such as screen size, price, components, weight and use and so the following are the different categories of laptops available in United States and also in almost all parts of the world.

  • UMPC’s or Ultra mobile PC’s- UMPC’s are petite hand held gadgets which are screens not more than 5-7 inches in dimension. They can be assigned with the name of a palm size computer which runs on Microsoft windows and has many features in equivalent with it. Although they lack physical keyboards and rely on the expensive low voltage consuming touch screen interfaces, the UMPC’s are also said to be in demand according to the need. Sony which is said to be the largest electronic good manufacture in the world has come up with a UMPC which is Sony Vaio UX390 which costs almost $2,150. in recent years IPhone and Ipod touch have emerged and so the UMPC have become a bit cheap as the Net book craze has overshadowed it. Usually as said earlier a UMPC has a no traditional design and also sometime san in conventional design and has a 7 inch display screen output as a limit.
  • Netbooks- Netbooks are said to be the latest craze and many youngsters or children are opting for these Netbooks. They have 7-12 inches screen output display, a full keyboard, and a single core low voltage CPU. The latest Netbooks are being loaded with Intel atom processors, genuine OS and 1GB Ram. The price of the Netbook is now placed for $300 and the key features in the notebook are 12 inches display screen, no optical drives and so on.
  • Ultra portable laptops- before the invention of Netbooks and UMPC’s the ultra portable PC’s were in demand. They had 12 inches screen and were available for just $500-$1500. But they used to be available for basic computing and web and office tasks. They had low voltage consuming processors and had no optical drives as they had a floppy drive support to some extent. Nowadays, also these gadgets are available in developing countries like Cambodia, Amazon Basin range and so on.
  • Thin and light Laptops- these are the preset trend of laptops and are said to be in great demand. They have a 13 inch screen display and ate loaded with amazing features. The dimension of the laptop is said to be a highlight in the PC world and Macbook has come into the market with the first of its kind.
  • Basic laptops- laptops which have a 15 inch,14 inch,16 inch and so screens come into this range of laptops and they are used for business and home purposes. The pixel resolution of these laptops is 1280800 pixels and has 16:9 ratio of contrast. With a 2GB and a 4GB memory and a hard disk of 250GB storage space these laptops come for an affordable price within the range of $500.A dual core processors and an internal optical drive are also added in this laptop category.

Desktop replacing laptops- a 17 inch display screen or a large display screen is said to be the basic factor of a desktop replacing laptop. Loaded with an Intel core 2 duo processor and a graphical interface this laptop is said to be perfect replacement of Desktop for office use.

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