Water Pollution in America – Shocking Facts Exposed About Your Tap Water

Water pollution in America is becoming a bigger and bigger problem both for the government and the people. There are incredibly many causes of water pollution in USA. The real problem is how to get pure drinking water safely and inexpensively.

In this article I will cover both the issue of water pollution in America and how you can purify and ensure clean drinking water in your home.

Water Pollution in America

People all over the world, not just in USA have become accustomed to the thousands of chemicals that are used in our clothes, food, water and hygiene products. These chemicals are flushed down our drains, which eventually end up in our water supply.

The Ralph Nader Research Institute has stated that water pollution in USA has reached dangerous levels and that the drinking water supply now contains thousands of cancer-causing substances. This number is growing every single day, because no one is changing their habits.

Research has discovered that in the 1900s we had a 1 in 50 probability of getting cancer. At that point in time we also didn’t have herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride and the thousands of other chemicals that are circulating today.

The Solution to the Problem

There is a simple solution to water pollution in America and the world. The first thing we can do is stop using products filled with chemicals that eventually harm the earth, nature and our bodies.

The second step is to find a high-quality filtration system. Any water filter will do, but if you do your research, you can get a filtration system that is inexpensive and extremely effective.

I have been interested in improving my health water for several years now, and during this time I have tried many different filtration systems. The truth is that if you do your research, as I said above, you can find extremely effective systems for a very cheap price.

I highly recommend that you compare different options available today and not only look at the introductory price, but also pay in mind that you will have to change the filters now and then. What seems cheap at first can become expensive the filters need to be changed frequently.

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